About us


The “Ocean” mini hotel (Kyiv) began to work in January of 2015. This is a family business that began as an interesting hobby. Previously, none of us – the owners and founders of the establishment – had had any experience in the hotel industry. But the experience gained in numerous travels and communicating with people had become invaluable.

Today, the “Ocean” mini hotel is an original creation, which in itself can be considered a significant object, a cultural monument of our time. Why is the “Ocean” mini hotel favourably different from other hotel establishments in Kyiv? It is not only about the price.

The main reason is that the hotel is our home as well. Therefore, we constantly take care of the establishment, creating a cosy and homely atmosphere, working on increasing the level of comfort and service, creating new menu items to please our visitors, making promotions and giving presents. Advantages of staying with us:

  • Convenient booking and payment options in any way convenient for you;
  • Location in the central part of Kyiv near the “Lybidska” subway station (10 minutes on foot);
  • Availability of the infrastructure objects and “Ocean Plaza” shopping centre nearby;
  • Closed parking on site;
  • 2-, 4- and 6-bed rooms available for booking;
  • Common accommodation – up to 30 people (ideal for tourist groups);
  • Ready continental breakfasts;
  • Ability to cook independently in a shared kitchen.

A separate advantage of our “Ocean” mini hotel (Kyiv) is its atmosphere. Rooms decorated in today’s fashionable eco-style, the interior of which was designed and implemented by professional designers, will surprise with their originality. For even greater immersion in the atmosphere of harmony with nature and the surrounding world, we use incense, aromatic lamps and candles that put the visitors into a peaceful and friendly mood. Pleasant lounge music is played in the hotel. Our hotel is a place of rest of real friends. After all, we do not divide visitors into classes, we do not build priorities among them, respecting everyone. Among our guests there are no people of the first and second grade. We treat everyone the way we treat ourselves, since we live on the same territory – in our common home.  

The “Ocean” mini hotel (Kyiv) is a place where you will move for a moment from the worldly vanity to the cosiness and comfort created by us. After all, the prefix “eco” in the title has not been chosen by accident. It hints not only at the style and atmosphere of the establishment, but also at the purity of our ideas:



  • To be true to oneself and others.
  • To be responsible for your words and deeds.
  • To respect all guests who come to us.
  • To do your job with the 100% of capacity, without thinking about the benefits and the result.
  • To be happy and share your joy with others.

Guided by these rules, we ask that our visitors always remain honest and open to people as well. Then both our work for you and your rest will always be a source of joy!




Many thanks to the “Ocean” Hotel for the opportunity to plunge into the state of festive ease, a positive mood and the most enjoyable communication! The presentation about opening a new space was excellent!

It was wonderful!!! The new hall came out exactly as it should – spacious and cosy. What else is needed for happiness? Only those who fill the hall with themselves))) I would highly recommend this still free hall, located very close to the Moskovska square and the “Demiivska” subway station, to those who would be interested in conducting their classes, workshops, lessons, seminars, presentations and parties here. It has all that you need)) Payment is moderate, and the hosts are hospitable!


- 19 июня 2017

Polite staff, comfortable beds, clean rooms and just a great shower! Thank you 🙂


- 5 июня 2017

Nice location. Quiet place. Great, attentive staff.


- 25 мая 2017