How to choose a mini hotel in Kiev

The topic of choosing a hotel is of interest to both a person who rarely uses this service, and a person who travels regularly. As with the minimum requirements for service and comfort, and with high demands for quality of accommodation.

Once a person began to travel around the world, a problem arose where he would stop for the night. Due to different requirements for a temporary stay, different types of hotels have started to be created: 5-star hotels, mid-range hotels, mini-hotels, apartments and hostels.

Before you decide on the choice of a mini hotel, you need to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of this type of accommodation on vacation or on a business trip. In our blog, we will discuss the main pros and cons, based on which you, for sure, will be able to pick up a decent mini hotel in Kiev.

For bright photos and beautiful descriptions on websites and booking services, not always true information is given.

The main plus of a small hotel is that vacationers get a fairly high level of comfort at a democratic cost of living in the room.

Of course, the mini-hotel can not be compared with the luxurious 5-star Kiev hotels, but there, therefore, the higher the price policy for providing the entire list of services. And if you do not need them, and you are comfortable enough room, friendly staff, delicious food and other services “no frills”, then the mini-hotel will be just an ideal option.

Another disadvantage of a small hotel is the inability to accommodate a large group of tourists, it is also a plus for those who do not like large hotels.

You can stay in a small hotel, for one day, a week or for a longer time period. It will not be inferior to the basic comfort of rooms for living in more expensive hotels. Each room has everything you need: TV, refrigerator, bath or shower, comfortable beds, wireless Internet. In addition, often in the rooms set air conditioning and, if necessary, there is always the possibility to order any additional service.

If you want to stay in one of the best hotels in Kiev, we will certainly help in this. An excellent choice will be a mini-hotel on the street. V. Brozhka, 3 under the name “Ocean”. It differs from similar types of hotels by author’s design of rooms and hall, and also, not least, the homely atmosphere that prevails in this hotel. Here you can, at any convenient moment, settle in one of the 10 existing rooms: a 2-bedded room, a junior suite, a family junior suite and a 6-bed suite. Each of the rooms offered has modern furniture, spacious beds with German orthopedic mattresses. There is a choice of rooms with a bathroom or a bathroom, which is located next to the room.

You can have a tasty snack in a cozy cafe with a terrace. There is a sauna on the wood, a closed parking lot and a hall where you can conduct business negotiations. And this is not all the advantages of the mini-hotel “Ocean”! Call us, we will tell you more.

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