Difficulties encountered when booking a mini hotel.

In Vinnitsa, my family and I were passing through, we decided to take a walk around the city and look at the famous evening light-and-light fountain. To do this, we decided to stop for the night in a mini hotel. We were five people, three adults and two children

I myself am the owner of the mini hotel “Ocean” in Kiev and always approach the choice of the hotel is very critical.

Usually I travel by private car and the question of the location of the hotel I was not much interested in.

What are the main factors that interested me when choosing a mini hotel:

– Convenient location, closer to the city center, preferably near the fountains, but this was not the main factor.

– the presence of a closed parking lot, in a foreign city, I am always interested in the safety of spending the night in my car. Ready to pay for it.

– Inexpensive number for 3 or 4 places in which you can accommodate a couple with two children (on this trip with us was my mother).

– The presence of a closed territory, a courtyard, where I can not be afraid for the safety of children.

– And the home atmosphere in the hotel, where the administrator acts as an assistant to the traveler, and not just a dummy that settles in a hotel.

Finding a couple of suitable hotels for me on Booking, I found his phone on the Internet (wanting to save on the hotel commission), dialed the number and heard the sleeping voice of the administrator in the phone.

The administrator for a long time could not understand what I wanted from her. When I began to tell my wishes the third time, I involuntarily raised my voice, to which she besieged me, saying – how you are talking to me, I am talking to you normally. After these words, I lost all desire to stop at this hotel. Although everything else suited me there.

In the second hotel, during the conversation, the administrator, without warning, put the receiver on the table, starting a conversation with someone, which I had to listen to for 3 minutes, after which she picked up the phone and asked well what you had decided, whether or not to book. I said that I will think about it and decided not to book it.

I am ready to forgive many shortcomings in the hotel, if a receptionist greets me with a welcoming administrator who wants to help me solve the problems of staying in a strange city.

In the hotel “Ocean”, I watch that the administrator is always interested in the first guest. I found out what interested him and was ready to help the guest to spend a comfortable time in Kiev. After all, a trip to a strange, unknown city is always stressful. Therefore it is very important to create a guest atmosphere of goodwill and home cosiness, create a sense of importance for you as a guest, from the moment of booking to departure from the hotel.

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